In keeping with ITPA's primary objective of facilitating trade across international borders, and in answer to the increasing demand from overseas customers wanting to explore the possibilities of setting up operations in India and examine the economic viability of such projects, ITPA has plans on the anvil to start off 'Make-In-India: Fast Track Centres' in USA, Canada, Australia, EU and UK.

To tap the full potential in this business area, ITPA has also tied up with experienced consultants in USA, UK and EU, who will help generate business and facilitate operations in their respective countries.

These centres will enable interested companies from these countries promptly access all relevant technical and economic information that may have a bearing on the go-to-market plans in India for their products, and do so without having to leave their shores. These centres will deliver all necessary information, data and statistics relating to raw material, human resources, economic and market demographics, logistics and distribution chains, government laws, statutory processes etc. needed to generate an immediate and accurate idea about costs of manufacturing and producing in India, as well as size of domestic Indian markets.

ITPA also intends working closely with the various Indian Export Councils and other bodies, to help in the generation and dissemination of this information on the fast track, and thus contribute in a small way to the grand 'Make in India' initiative.